A little dis-possible income

So me and the girls too the walk to the other side of Woodford station. The stations looks so different at night and yes I’ve been there many times but never really wondered around or looked in the shops. WE found there’s a Sainsbury’s yesterday so that was all good and I do love there bakery and the jumbo sausage rolls.

But what was the find of the day was the Belgique ohh I do love a good coffee as you may have realised. Yes it has a Bakery, Patisserie, chocolaterie, sandwich bar, coffee shop, celebration cakes, wedding cakes, breakfast and home and some lovely delicatessen.

Stood there waiting for my Mocha to arrive, OK I know a Mocha is a fake coffee as its really mostly cream, sugar, chocolate with a hit of coffee if your taste buds can pick it up. But as I staid I was sat there looking at the rows of delicious appetisers, my mouth watering at the sight of them. I could barely move, all I could do is blink. My friends moved me along and we got a chocolate swirl and sat at the table sorry no pictures of that but I tell you it was gorgeous… mmh

ok so i didn’t get them but they look so pretty, but that alright price. 6 for £3


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