My inspiration

I’m not kidding. This is something I’ve decided to write about. In the making of this blog I learnt so much about myself, where my passion comes from and how it still remains strong till this day. I hope you enjoy learning more the background into the production of SimplyGlamx

So I’ve decided they way I’m going to pay off my university debt and house bills in general is to become a full-time Columnist online of cause (as this is where the money’s at),  My particular strong suit is in research, and although I come across as the computer N.E.R.D (buff in some would prefer to say); I prefer to be out in the nature writing what I see about the people I meet and things I get to experience.

The question that loomed over me was what type of success was I aiming to achieve and How I was going to achieve that. Initially I thought an online alias would fit the situation of keeping my personally life and my work life separate; but this seemed to be difficult as I researched the lives of columnist and their social networking, the two seemed to work in union. I was hocked by the blogger Susie Bubble; looking at her blog and network feeds religiously, learning from her style of writing to the way she formatted her online systems.

So my inspiration is the one and only fabulous Susie Bubble as she carries on to live the life I wish to have I sit back here and blog one of her successes watch and learn…

so my blogs alive and I must now keep feeding in the words of Susie ‘it’ll I die’

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