What a week! After last Thursday’s not so fitting half day. I’ve experienced my first half term where I had very little motivation to do anything.

Here what happened last Thursday. Most of the morning was spent organising an outfit that was appropriate for going to school on a smart day and also functionable for gallivanting around the New Stratford Westfield Mall. Seriously the reason for practicality would be to make sure I could catch at least 10 wow factoring looks from possible Stratford tall, sexy, botch, tatted, muscular with a goaty of cause black dudes, age not being a restriction – I’m young I have the right to categories them to be perfection. If there’s in anyway and obvious age difference that may have to be taken into considerations. This out fit had to have other manner of functionality such as not preventing me from squeezing through crowds, holding bags on wrist without making myself uncomfortable and to look cute for the guys (had I gone into the details of that already oh yeah.)

The outfit was productive; reassure looks from teachers as I passed into school and out. My form tutor keeping the interview short and to be truthful so short and quickly it would have seemed like an awkward quickness almost as if it had been rushed but never mind. I could get out in good time to meet my friends to find out that one had not yet had her interview and the other at home getting changed in fact I had estimated the friend getting changed would take; longer from experience of mine but funny enough it was the other way around.

On the way to Westfield I had learnt to use my ouster-card a memorable moment for my friend for even though it useless me who know much of what it is tot know, I do lack any a disgraceful amount go knowledge about the London transport as I have been chauffeured much of my life and yes part of me would love to go back to that.

Yes, independence is important so leaning to use an oyster card may be of good knowledge and then after my induction lesson we opted to get the train down there, topping my oyster card up for the first time. Getting off and see a hottie walk by unfortunately not going in out direction. But the crooks of it watching the young man eyes glance from me to my friend and then after notification her lack of acknowledgement after he had far gone was quite amusing. (With hindsight now I know I need to get better at notifying her as she does this a lot?)

After reaching Westfield we had got off to a good start Starbucks in one hand a graceful walk around accessories, Claire’s, Primark for an hour, new look, forever21 and H&M.

Then to go into TGI Friday to have a long wait for food which was so good that I finished with minutes which shocked many of my friend them knowing me best off would in fact know I do take a while to Finnish my food. We noticed a young black man with my somewhat picky quality moving around therestaurant. Of cause I wasn’t going to let this one go without knowing I existed so, requiring his attention we called him over to assist us with paying our bill he soon left not helping us at all which was rather disappointing.

Later the lad and the courage to back over to me in a state of Rory to say how much he like to know me more. So I got his number but he wasn’t getting a text back from me I’m not a need person plus if you catch me in Rory mode you must hope you make a good enough impact.


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