What going on in the Dam surcomfrence is that I’ve done one of my As exams and now getting ready for the second. Felling the strain of the exam though. even though i’ve done one I feel less comfordent that i will succed in this one if i don’t do some hard core revision tonite.

What else well my Mp3 players completely gone, the screen has officially dies and gone to touch screen hell and its turned into one of though pretty pretty USB’s that can do all the thing that a Mp3 can except pplay your music on the go. My mum says it’s died from my rough handism. nonetheless i’ve dropt it tones of times and wow it still looks good ‘looks at the damn thing turning upside down and routating it’.

only yesterday was i introduced to my missing @’s on twitter and the fact my phone had been disconneted from my twitter account, leaving all my follwers in limbo and feeling as if i didn’t want to converse with them. so my birthdays coming up. HELLO MY SERIOUSLY NEED A NEW PHONE THAT DOUBLES AS A MP3. MUM i have the answer an IPHONE.

Heehee, funny thing is i don’t even know if she’ll see this blog but anyway.


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