REVIEW: Bliss Fish Spa

30-Minute Fish Pedicure with 10-Minute Foot Scrub £10

Fish don’t make for the most exciting pets. Watching them in an exotic well-lit tank can be relaxing, but they certainly don’t play interesting games or look at you with the same adulation a cat or dog does. With today’s deal from Bliss Fish Spa however, these freshwater friends can show you the best trick in their book. Splash out just £10 (regularly £45) to enjoy a 30-minute fish spa pedicure including a 10-minute foot scrub at this friendly spa located at London Bridge. Perfect as a pre-holiday treat, these tiny Garra rufa fish nibble away dead skin cells to leave your feet feeling softer and exfoliated. Click ‘Buy Now’ for a fantastic offer worth it’s weight in gold-fish.

Bliss Fish Spa at The Salon     Cottons Building (downstairs), Tooley Street     London, SE1 2QN

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