Olympics Is only 5 days away

The torch was run in style to day as it passed through London borough Newham, it has already been in the trusty hands of celebrates such as  Zara Phillips and Will.i.am and now the rap artist Dizzie Rascal and Paloma Faith’s. Especially for the 26 year old star Paloma Faith she found it a great honour to carry the torch on her birthday she did her part in skyhigh patent red heels, she her own self customised white tracksuit.

The singer wrote on Twitter this morning: ‘Thank you all for your birthday wishes today! I’m going to carry the Olympic torch today. Biggest candle I’ve ever blown out!’

In true Paloma style she had to step out of our comfort zone and compared to the other stars and members of public and stars who have stuck to the usual tracks and trainers. She continued like all other runner to complete the 300 yards, even though the torch blow out  just like the many extravagant athletes that will be doing there best in there particular heats.

Faith completed her run  then posed with her sunglasses on as she passed the flame to wheelchair-bound Sheikh Sheikh, who smiled as he then took charge of the flame.

Shortly after through the streets of  Tower Hamlets funky Dizzie Rascal takes up his turn with torch in the full Olympic kit.




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