Artist Slimming

There’s been a controversy, about the size of women from as far back as the cave man times. What is too large but beautiful to some and what is too skinny but admired by many. We all know that there are some gourgous celebrity ideals out there that are inspiration for the larger ladies out there, but has it really got to the stage where thick or even 3x girls can’t keep there figures in the media. What’s up with that honestly, the bigger girls was once an icon of beauty. Such ideals such as Betty boob and our most famous Queen Latifah

Here she is still holding her beautiful curves but there have been many younger stars come up in there curvier sizes and dramatically changed their own opinnion on curves to fit in the smaller ideoliesed image of perfection.

Once she weighed over 180 pounds and now she’s slimmer than ever, shifting weight on and off again and again. Is she truly a big girl losing weight to fit society or one individual that suffer from chocolate bar restriction (aye girl your not alone.)

But she says: “People can relate to me because I have lived it. I truly understand what it’s like to have a problem with weight loss, losing too much weight or gaining more than you desire. It’s about keeping it off. We can all lose weight, but learning how to keep it off — maintaining it — is what’s difficult. Nutrisystem teaches you how to do that.”

She says it’s as simply as learning “How to eat properly, buying whole foods and fresh produce to cook meals, and working out 5 days a week.” It all can believed when similar singing star Jennifer Hudson bellow losses the weight too.

Before: Jennifer wears the feminine shade in an ultra-princessy, draped and sparkly number with matching accessories at the 2009 Whitney Museum gala.
After: Two years later, she’s still sporting the hue, but in a more modern, vibrant shade, and keeping the sparkle contained to her funky accessories.

Yes I think we should congratulation them for losing the weight and becoming one with themselves but still I have to argue this girls were big, curvy and beautiful and I think they would have been greater stars to this day if they held their later figures.



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