Vintage Boutique Supplies Sweet treat and about now you may have realised I am not only about the clothes and the know how but also the stomach, and also filling it. I came across lil mama Quill and her tasty bite on offer yet I could walk away empty handed.

Carrot cake

I had to bag a Pumpkin Spice Cake unfortunately that didn’t make it home, haha I ate it that why. I kid you not. These are the best cake I have taste in a hot minute, (long time).  I mean come on, be honest have you even heard of this fusion of honey and lavender before? This is “baking with extra niceness”. And that’s not it forget the usual cupcakes that every Tom, Dick and Harry is selling out there. Each cake recipe has been thoroughly scrutinised to perfection and when you eat one I guarantee you will go back for more. You can fine these wondrous cakes here.


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