Good Friend Chole

Fashion and accessories designer Chole, producer of “Dot your T’s and cross yor I’s” Is a brand that promotes fun and introduces a
playful theme to every garment. Each individual piece was designed and styled to promote the wearers inner personality on the outside. The bold colour palette and complimentary handmade pompom accessories emphasises the fun element. This blog is to present the journey of my POM POMS and other pieces that I like and have handmade. I enjoy using a mixture of fabrics to create new things. POM POMS- Make me happy!

Here she is at Leefest festival that happened on the 29/30 July. Here are a few snaps from the weekend. Enjoying the glory of the little sun that Britain has to present us.

 LOVE this picture a finished pom pom workshop piece used as a hair decoration whilst reading one of my flyers.
Shoppers having a gander
Jewelled customised jumper
 Dot your T’s multi pom pom headband dress up
When I had a spare few minutes I did not get to see much of the music but got to see a little bit of the JAKWOB set!
Workshop in action fabric and colour mess
Pom pom bag charm
Pom pom anklet
Finished pom poms turned into wearable accessories
Girlie group finished final pieces

Even a few guys had a go
Father and daughter making time.
Dot your T’s products



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