Perfect Treat In Westy

After a gander around Stratford Westfield and grabbing a tasty treat in Costa a creamy cooler; fudge, cream with ice oooh it seemed all good like it couldn’t get better.

Went for another walk check out some shoes along the way and stumbled upon the delicious delight that is  crepeaffaire here it was a small canteen size station in the middle of the walk way delivering a tasty service to walkers on by.

While my beloved best friend went for something sweet and sugary; chocolate spread and strawberry sauce covering the pancake and filled with banana , so nice but how about looking at what I got.

A more healthy treat of a pancake vegi pizza filled with tomato, cress and cheese mmmh yes it was good and I couldn’t help but fail to share. So yes I’ve fallen in love will it could even supplement my coffee needs as the prices were reasonable and we couldn’t help but get some with the meal. look on there website for the menu or just get on your feet and hit up some of there store just in London alone.



Find your nearest Crêpeaffaire.

We’re all over London!

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