Don’t we love the 60’s

The days have gone when bell was the must have vehicle, but it still hold a unsubstantial part in fashion and the way cars are branded today, as one of the first major youth iconic cars for carting many youth around the world on there scandalous holidays that would be remembered for all time. The car not only being held in the hearts of the average man or women but in the memories of countless movie stars who  rocked the Hippie look or taken part in some hot and raunchy activity that required little or no clothes but a hell a lot of guts. is just a little gem from the pass and I came across a creative designer who took the image and created one of those household items that no house can do without.

Yes… it is the toaster we’ve seen the Darth Vader toast the spider man and the super man but here come the Dormer Bell Volkswagon symbol on toast what a legend.

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