Saturday farmers market

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Out of my three years in London, I spent two happy years settled in Oval. The 10 minute walk to the river, the short bus or tube ride to central London, and the real winner for me, the Saturday farmers market. This farmers market isn’t like any other, although it did have your typical ‘I just love to read the Guardian and eat organic veg’ set – I actually heard a man shouting “Mungo, Mungo! Come back!” I looked around for this dog, and saw instead he was chasing his son. Cringeworthy. Aside from that, Oval farmers market is also the happy home of the glorious cake stand from Cakehole.

There are a number of cake stands at the Oval farmers market, but once you’ve eaten at Cakehole – you’re not ever going back to the others. One grizzly Saturday morning my (now ex) boyfriend came back with a glorious treat (possibly his only redeeming factor) – it was like something out of Homer Simpsons wildest fantasies. This wasn’t any ordinary brownie, it melted in your mouth; it was light but rich, gooey and so tasty that it became a Saturday ritual.

Old habits die hard

When I moved away two weeks ago, I went down to Cakehole to get my very last brownie. However Lara, the brains, beauty and cook behind Cakehole has let us share her secret recipe with all Grouponians so we can all experience its deliciousness:

The Cakehole Spectacular Brownies


  • 500g sugar
  • 250g butter
  • 6 free range eggs
  • 1 tbs vanilla extract
  • 225g self raising flour
  • 375g good quality 70% chocolate


Set oven to 180 degrees; butter and line a 20x30cm brownie pan.

  • Melt chocolate and butter slowly in saucepan
  • Beat eggs and sugar with vanilla extract until frothy
  • Beat chocolate mixture into egg mixture
  • Sift flour into mixture and stir until well combined
  • Scrape mixture into tin and bake for 30 minutes. Start checking at 25 minutes that brownies are not overcooking – you want a slight wobble all over as they will continue to cook outside of the oven
  • Let brownies cool in tin completely
  • Cut into 15-20 pieces, and enjoy!

However if you are like me, and a bit special when it comes to baking you can find Cakehole at Borough Market, Oval, Alexandra Palace, Hammersmith and Greenwich or email and beg her to bake you a batch!


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