Review: Chanel No.5

Channel 4 Break

SO yes! I watch the adverts, ok sometimes their just blinking annoying but how else are you coming to know what going on in the world of consumerism.

$7 million Brad Pitt is in the Chanel No. 5 advert, and we are now graced with it’s presence on out screens.finally dropped in for a little one on one!

In a black and white Joe Wright-directed commercial, the perfectly tousled Pitt ponders the of life and dramatically orates a little love poem about the iconic perfume in his signature husky voice. Despite the fact that we’ve never heard anyone utter the word “inevitable” as sexily as Pitt, we still found ourselves with an ever-so-slight case of the giggles after watching.

Check it out:


Conan‘s done it (twice), Leif Garrett‘s done it, we’ve done it, hey — maybe you’ve even done it. This weekend the Saturday Night Live team joined in the fun of spoofing Brad Pitt‘s now-infamous $7 million Chanel No. 5 campaign, with Taran Killam dressing up in a rumpled shirt and Pitt’s artful scruff and waxing poetic nonsensical about everything from the iconic fragrance to dog condoms to Jonathan Zizmor, New York’s most famous subway doctor.

Is anyone going to be able to take this ad seriously at this point? We think the next logical step would be for Pitt to show off his sense of humor and parody their parody with a video of his own, but that’s probably up to whoever is paying him the big bucks at Chanel.

For now, you can catch all four of the SNL videos below:

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