The elections are here again, this time opinions are conflicted. People are confused on who to vote for and if some would prefer me to say that it is not confusion but merely the lack of clear difference between the two candidates. It is now down to people to think long and hard who they want to represent their country and to do the job properly. This is the first time when people will have to rethink the approach to how they vote an how the come to conclusion of who they will vote for.

SO here it is, another method or maybe merely a useful way of surveying in a populated area where peoples vote lye. You can express your revulsion for either presidential candidate at by printing out a poster, placing it on a local wall and sticking gum on whomever you think “sucks most”. Created by Stefan Haverkamp, James Cooper and Hedvig Astrom, Gum Election was originally a street art project developed in 2008 to encourage people to vote and keep the streets cleaner.

The voting has already begun in  New York.


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