As most of you already know, I spend most of my days doing what many people would call “nothing”. Burkindy Hailing To New York City from West Africa.

Well, I call it doing something: On a strip to New York I spend most of my days walking through shops, discovering fashion and colours that spark my imagination, so I can continue to inspire and influence the wonderful content on Bloginity.

My recent trip took me to the downtown shop of Paul Smith. It was my first time at Paul Smith. I didn’t know much about the designer but what I discovered was more than just a regular shop. Paul Smith sells lifestyle. Everything from books to summer scarves to a jewellery boutique. This is where I discovered Burkindy.

Burkindy hails from Burkina Faso, translated as “Land of the Upright People”, a country in West Africa that inspired his artist name, ‘Burkindy’. I exchanged a few words with Burkindy, and while he seems to be doing this as a hobby, he has a real passion and enjoyment in designing jewellery  All of his pieces are custom made and he crafts each piece in his studio in Brooklyn. Really beautiful work.

Check it out http://www.burkindy.com/home.html

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