The 15 Biggest Photoshop Failures Of 2012

No one was safe from the Photoshop monster this year — not celebs, not models, not Kate Middleton, certainly not the Kardashians, and bizarrely, not even animals.

From magazine covers to editorials to ad campaigns, art teams got a little carried away with digital post-production. Some blunders were pretty hilarious, like when a French clothing brand inadvertently showcased a nude dude in a childrenswear ad, while some were just unnecessary, like when Ikea removed all the women in its Saudi Arabian catalog.

Of course, the public wasn’t buying it, and poked fun at the industry’s obsession with digital airbrushing — the Fotoshop by Adobé parody video is a pitch-perfect response, while a German street artist’s critique on H&M‘s swimwear ads was insanely clever. A group of teenage girls also took the problem into their own hands, and staged protests asking Seventeen and Teen Vogue to be more transparent about their post-production policies.

All that said, we have no doubt that photo shopping will still rear its ugly head next year, and we’ll probably never stop writing (and laughing) about it. So, while we wait for 2013′s first Photoshop disaster, check out this year’s 15 biggest failures below:

Did this mag actually Photoshop a baby bump onto Kate Middleton?

Survey says: yes.

Karlie’s missing ribs.

Look ma, no ribs!

What happened to this J. Crew model’s inner thigh?

Okay, this one is just plain funny.

Humans have two legs, right?

Doutzen Kroes in Vogue China.

American Apparel’s anti-equine campaign.

Is this a scene out of The Godfather?

Coco Rocha loses her top for Elle Brasil.

The moral of this story: don’t mess with Coco.

The curious case of the missing women in Ikea’s Saudi Arabian catalog.

This is pretty messed up.

Vera Wang’s dresses are truly unbelievable.

They’ll instantly make you look like you dropped a few sizes! Or not.

Hm, where do we start?

No, really. Where?

Honey, I shrunk Natalia Vodianova’s head!


Britney Spears’ hair.

Turns out it was a wig.

There’s aspirational, and then there’s just weird.

Someone over at Sephora obviously believes in aliens.

Is Kylie Minogue doing the Heisman Trophy pose?

Kylie’s leg gets cut off on the cover of Elle UK.

Joan Smalls hips and thighs aren’t good enough for Gucci.

That is just not possible, even for a model.

Do the Kardashians really think they can get away with this?

And this is only one of theiroverly-airbrushed ads.


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