Nicki Minaj Scores Lifestyle Brand ‘The Nicki Minaj Collection’ With K-Mart


Nicki Minaj teamed up with K-Mart and ShopYourWay for a new lifestyle brand online called “The Nicki Minaj Collection.” The interactive site offers up Nicki’s designs for her Barbz to scramble to their computers to load up their carts. And since Nicki’s been feeling “romantic and sexy” lately, so she wants to dress us all up is…dresses.

K-Mart has collaborated with celebrities before, like Sofia Vergara and Adam Levine. Nicki’s collection may not include the candy-coated colors and outrageous attachments we’re used to seeing her rock. She wants to go a more sophisticated route. I’m loving how sophisticated she’s looking these days.Necole Bitchie was on the scene at the launch in West Hollywood and explained what we can expect from her line and why she’s focused on frocks. Check out what she had to say below:

“It’s very important that I’m not just slapping my name on something. It’s important that my fans are going to know that if Nicki is putting it in her line, then Nicki is going to be wearing it. That’s why on we are creating catalogs, and I get to see what my fans like, and say ‘Hey I like that too.’ Right now it’s very real time, it’s very personable.I want to create looks like these [dresses]. I have been doing a lot of dresses lately, and I feel more confident when I wear dresses. It doesn’t have to be super over the top sexy. Some of the dresses that I have been doing lately have been completely covered like sweater dresses and my fans have really responded to it. My fans are like ‘Hey Nicki, we want the crazy leggings’ and stuff like that but we also want to have things that we can wear whether we are going to work or whatever. I’m really focused on the dresses! I’ve been feeling so romantic and sexy lately.”

Will you be buying some of Nicki’s Minaj’s K-Mart Collection?:


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