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I know my mum’s known for siting in bed listening to women’s hour on the radio hearing the views and the audios of many of the great female author’s novels. Even though it may be disputed that the fund past time of reading a hard back novels submerging into the tale, drifting away from reality and into the delights of maybe a ‘hunky sea man wearing the usual sailor gear, guiding the boat down the French cannel on a cream marge the sky’s blue and ooh… i know what this need strawberries’. I’ve gone too far, but you see what I mean her I have listed some of the best in the writing business sharing their stories. A great purchase for your mother’s this mother’s day. “For high-flying moms, we suggest I Don’t Know How She Does It by Allison Pearson, a hilarious dissection of the juggling skills required by the modern woman wanting to hold down a top job, make a go of staying married while keeping a lover on the side, and be a mother. By day, Kate is a fund manager in the City; by night she has been found ‘distressing’ store-bought mince pies for the school Christmas party to make them look homemade. It’s impossible not to sympathize with her wish to at least seem like a self-sacrificing domestic goddess even when she is keeping so many balls in the air. The most dextrous of juggling mothers will feel guilty at times; and by giving her this novel you’re saying you understand how hard it is.” “Let’s admit it: mothers also need a life outside the home. And if you’d like to show your mom you empathise, give her Once Upon a River by Bonnie Jo Campbell, a sort of Huckleberry Finn for girls. When sixteen-year-old Margo’s father dies in violent circumstances, this resourceful girl-with-a-gun decides to go looking for the mother who absconded from their small house in rural Michigan. Margo is a compelling heroine – dangerously beautiful, and fatalistic to boot – and her journey of discovery will resonate with women of all ages. As will her mother’s frustrations, once they are revealed to us. Let it open up a new space for a friendship with your mom that has nothing to do with domesticity.”   “All mother-daughter relationships become fraught at times; and if you feel that your conflicts stem from cultural or generational differences, give her Amy Tan’s wonderful The Joy Luck Club. Revolving around the weekly mah-jong gatherings of a close-knit Chinese-American community in San Francisco, we watch the adult American daughters negotiate their careers and marriages while their immigrant mothers reminisce about their very different childhoods back in China. Can the two generations ever hope to see eye to eye? As we move through different narrative strands, it becomes apparent that some of the lessons their mothers learnt from their mothers can indeed be applied to their American lives after all.”   If you like the selection of novels or are looking for more interesting read check out Ella Berthoud and Susan Elderkin are biblio-therapists at The School of Life. For more information and to book a one-to-one consultation, either in person or on Skype/phone, please

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