Review: Google Glass

Harry Shum Gets a Good Look Through Google Glass

Harry Shum from Glee star got his Gold Ticket : The Google CEO was handing out pairs of Google Glasses to anyone who could dream up a novel way to use the device. All they had to do was submit the idea via Twitter or Google Plus and pony up $1,500.

More than a few agency execs ended up with golden Glass tickets, and they’re toying with how the technology could be used in marketing. “Agencies are always excited to figure out if they can be the first to do something,” said Scott Ross, senior VP-executive technology director at Critical Mass. “There’s a huge curiosity factor.” While shops ponder uses for Glass, Google’s long-term plans for the device and importantly, its monetization strategy, are unclear.


For all the excitement in Silicon Valley, there are serious questions about Glass’ mainstream appeal. There are only about 10,000 pairs out in the world, and Google hasn’t announced a public-release date. Already users are being mocked as “glassholes,” and some public places, including restaurants in Dublin and casinos in Las Vegas, have said they will ban the eyewear over privacy concerns. That hasn’t stopped agencies and clients from dreaming about how the device could be used in marketing. Travel and hospitality could also benefit: Google Glass could direct wearers to nearby landmarks or call up bar and restaurant listings.


Mark Romig, president-CEO of the New Orleans Tourism Marketing Corp, isn’t wasting any time. He’s working with Dentsu digital shop 360i to weave Glass into a $4 million summer-tourism push. Potential visitors can use the eyewear to experience what it’s like to “walk the streets, see the architecture, taste the food and hear the music,” he said.


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