McDonald’s got something new

The rollout begins on September 9.I’m Loving it, maybe an understatement for McDonald’s. This year  the company has been all about “healthy” McWraps and egg-white McMuffins, but now it’s back to…who we are? what we do best?, McDonald’s company is embracing its true self: Enter the Mighty Wing, a brand-new menu item that shockingly doesn’t have a “Mc” prefix. By September 24, McDonald’s will sell breaded bone-in chicken wings in all of its U.S. stores. Here are the facts: They’re flavored with cayenne and chili pepper and paired with creamy ranch, honey mustard, and tangy barbecue sauces. A three-piece pack costs $2.99, and you can also get them in five- and ten-piece increments. It’s a good move for McDonald’s to focus on what it does best: selling cheap, filling, and greasy fast food. Depending on America’s responce it maybe coming to a UK branch near you, “finger liking good, loving it” has a ring to it don’t u think.

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