EVENT: We B’ Riding

The roller Derby is coming on Saturday 5th October; Farnham’s local team, SURREY ROLLERGIRLs are ready to compete against the COVENTRY CITY DERBY DOLLS at the Guildford Spectrum Leisure Complex for when doors open at 4pm. After months of games the girls are eager to get their wheels on the rink and compete for that all important season trophy. With over 100 middle league teams around the country these girls are doing their best to beat their well renowned opposition CCBD. Already the team has won against rivals Eastbourne Bombshells, Basingstoke Bullets and Mean Valley Roller Derby.


Roller Derby has been very successful in the last couple of years. In England there was a rapid surge in female participation across the globe, even more so after the Olympics in 2012, as knowledge of the fast and tactile sport spread. Each Derby team consisting of five rollers skating together as a single pack until all pass over 30 feet from the starting line.  A whistle is blown and the jammers begin to skate, the jam who breaks away from the back quickest in two minutes gains a point.

Although a vigorous sport, many teams choose to dress in creative ensembles to create an identity for their team. Costumes include characters such as Alice in wonderland, maids and skeletons. Much of this has sent a shock wave through the media both positive and negative, nevertheless, the sport has definitely had a positive impact on women’s self-confidence and female perception of participating in sport. Due to this growth in support for roller Derby, it has generated a niche of skating and its usage is bringing back the love for roller rinks and skate parks.

Although many teams around the country are not generating the income of footballers, the money that is raised is often spread between the team to go forward to raising awareness for the sport either in commercial gear or in some cases like the KILLAHURTZROLLERGIRLS from Essex, doing charity events.


The Team


The SURREY ROLLERGIRLS were founded by Uzi, who originally got into the roller skating extreme sport, then created the group as her friends became interested. The team was created on the18th December 2011, since then the girls have competed in many tournaments around England and ever-growing in numbers as more people are introduced to the sport. Joining is very simple, and compared to many other sports relatively cheap to maintain, practice for the team is held on Wednesdays and every second Saturday and Sunday. With so much interest local centers are giving out deals for training and game time.





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