“Advocate or Innovate”

The village of Farnham has reached its saturation, the villagers are now outraged by the limited power they have when it concerns the development of their town. They have put forward a petition to get rid of the Waverley Borough Council.

The petition spokesmen have been traveling around the local area trying to gain interest  for their cause. The demonstrators are hoping to get over 1,000 signature to present to the queen in order to get their plans pushed forward. On Thursday  26th of September the group visited the local University (University for creative arts), here they outlined many of their reasons for demonstrating against Waverley Borough Council, A few are listed bellow:

  • Waverley’s long-term plan (Core development Strategy) will place 1/3 of its development in Farnham (10% of Waverley’s area).
  • Waverley’s failure to address road traffic and air quality issues at the expense of local residents and retailers.
  • At the Public Inquiry (Jan 2013) into compulsory purchase of East Street’s Marlborough Head pub, people expressed immense frustration at Waverley’s arrogant disregard for local opinion.

The committee put together a website spreading their view to the internet indoor to spread their wishes to be detached from the Waverley Borough Council whom they have suggested have brough upon them unfair restriction in order to make business, home owners and visitor assimilate to their village idealise set up. The website own lines there wishes and gives further detail on other actions the group has done to get rid of the connection with Waverley borough Council.


What is evident from this petition is Farnham locals are struggling from the cut backs that have affected the whole Nation. When walking around the local Farnham shopping area you can see the refinance of empty shops and stores closed due to the rise in prices and people’s disposable income falling pressure of other demands; electricity, water, gas and food. While homes are pressured by house prices going up the stores on the local street also find that they fall into the same economic problems due to store rent rising. Although many stores are renting out the room above the shops as housing for students, but this is still helping as everything gets privatised, social help in the local area is being pushed out leaving people with he only option to move away.

Visitors to Farnham have said that they were drawn to the place because of its connection with the Farmer, Journalist and Political reformist William Cobbette. The politician William Cobbette is most well-known for his effort in removing the rotten boroughs in the 18th century, whereby the county feel at the mercy of wealthier borough’s where votes were rigid by land owners. William Cobbette a member of the whig party wanted to get rid of this unfair practice in order to gain the respect of the poor areas and gain a larger number of votes.

However by 1974 the laws that were instigated in the days of William Cobbette have long gone, and now that 1 in 5 of the UK population live below our official poverty line. People in villages such as Farnham look back to efforts made by influential members of their town like William Cobbette and seek to use the legislation enforced by them to overcome social problems. The opinion in Farnham about the economic position this country is in contrast from person to person, speaking to some of the locals a women suggested that “Very high-end shop much of it in the extreme in the local area which hits the young people pockets quite heavily, which in this economic times isn’t very efficient”.

For more information about the Farnham Petition:

Contact the NPG through Mike Bryan on  079-4105-2012

Email: npg@farnhampetition2013.org

Facebook:  www.facebook.com/FarnhamPetition2013

Twitter:  @MikeBryFarnCent

Treasurer’s Lloyds TSB Bank Account, titled ‘Farnham Petition 2013’     Sort Code: 77-49-11     Account No 89492168

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