Its’ Russell

Anything about Russell Brand usually requires very little information about whatever he’s up to, but Russell Brand has a new thesis. A political direction was always ominous but no one could ever guess he’d be directing it on a Global scale Wait What?

After seeing Russell Bran’s interview with Jeremy Paxman we can clearly see the genius of Brand has reached a new level of intoxication, his ideas of evolution against the current democratic society seemed farfetched for Jeremy Paxman. A man whom for over 36 years has interviewed many prime ministers  such as Tony Blair  and British Politician Denis Halliday.

Throughout the interview it is clear that Paxman was interested in how Brand was going to go about instigating a revolution. Brand’s responses seemed to be concise and repetitive of his ethos in preservation of the earth and earthly being so the good go humanity, he becomes very caught up in the social disparities of those from less fortunate backgrounds. With his new-found role as Editor of ‘The Statesmen’ to add to his long list of  credentials; Actor, Producer, Writer, Music Producer, Publicist its evident that there is no knock on his ego.

Russell was very much open about his previous actions in the pass what to some would be anti-social and self debuting, but from his recent  successes he has pulled himself out of poverty and into wealth, Brands love on knowledge and learning was evident from his own knowledge of Paxman himself but did this help Paxman or readers understand the deep reasoning for his decision to call for a revolution.

This what seemed like an endless battle? Well, while Paxman calls Brand a “very trivial man” and refers to him dismissively as an “actor,” Brand held his own and got in a few jabs. One retort is worth quoting in its entirety:

“Jeremy, you’ve spent your whole career berating and haranguing politicians and when someone like me says they’re all worthless, and what’s the point in engaging with them, you have a go at me for not being poor anymore.”

He goes on to explain why he doesn’t vote:

“It is not that I am not voting out of apathy. I am not voting out of absolute indifference and weariness and exhaustion from the lies, treachery and deceit of the political class that has been going on for generations.”

Many of those watching seem to have sided with Brand. “Russell Brand is far from trivial. On News night, he made Paxman look ridiculous,” wrote Simon Kelner for the Independent, while Gawker says that he “may have started a revolution.”

Not everyone is positive about the vagueness of Brand’s ideas or his elaborate linguistic style, of course. However, judging by the huge response to this interview and his other work all around the world, you have to wonder why his brand of political apathy and hope for change speaks to so many people.

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