Country hoedown to Wrecking Ball


The change in adulthood is a difficult journeyfor us all, but who knows how we’ll get there no one will ever know. The country star Miley Cyrus known for so much: Her family, Her music, Her acting, Her body and now maybe her most jaw dropping act to be known by man kind so far; Lighting and smoking what appeared to be a joint at the European Music Awards on Sunday (MTV edited this out from US views)

She also gave a shout out to a pal. ‘Thanks @katyperry for hosting. So much fun last night! Amsterdam, you’re the dopesssst, thank you for always being so good to me.’ Now to review someone’s life seems a little condescending but if we take into the rapid changes in the life of Miley Cyrus it would seem as though this review itself would be out of date by the end of the week.

The child star has changed her appearance as somewhat similar times as her childhood character Hannah Montanna did in order to keep up her show life and the ordinary child life pretence that was kept covered by her two best friends. Miley Cyrus is one of the most news crazy Disney stars maybe ever. The star climb to fame may have been the marly easy in comparison to her music counter parts; Wiz Khalifa, French Montana. It is clear that the star will never stop to amaze us and her entertainment skills will not stop and shooting through the selling reaching space with the like of Will.I.Am who has taken her on board with many of his other famous Conrad’s. Although the star is now 21 and officially of legal drinking age in United States of America, it seems she can still get denied certain things! The singer was at Freakbeat Records buying about $170 worth of used vinyl when she swiped her credit card and was then DECLINED (Whooopse).

“Miley was embarrassed when her card was denied. But the cashier was really nice and told her the bank probably put a hold on it because it was a large purchase, so she dug out another card and the payment went through.”


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