British Premier of Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom


18 JULY 1918 – 5 DECEMBER 2013

The film called Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom is released in the UK next year, the film captures the  deep pains and joys of Nelson Mandela life. The producer Anant Singh, director Justin Chadwick and actor Idris Elba who portrays Mandela in the film took the stage following the announcement to request a minute’s silence in honour of the anti-apartheid activist.



Kate Middleton reportedly broke down in tears after hearing of Nelson Mandela’s passing .William to so feminine reporter expressing there feeling of utter sadness following the screening. He said: “I just wanted to say it’s extremely sad and tragic news.

“We were just reminded what an extraordinary and inspiring man Nelson Mandela was. My thoughts and prayers are with him and his family. It’s very sad.”

Could this tim live up to the expectation already produced by the heart retching film Invictus that was released in 2009; Nelson Mandela, in his first term as the South African President, initiates a unique venture to unite the apartheid-torn land: enlist the national rugby team on a mission to win the 1995 Rugby World Cup. the other question is will Idres Elba perform the role of Nelson Mandela Better than his outer parts Morgan freeman and Terrance Howard.

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