The Nigella press goes from bad to worse

Tv Chef, Nigella Lawson first hit the news  after ­shocking pictures printed in the Sunday People in June of this year of Nigella Lawson being grabbed by Charles Saatchi outside Scott’s restaurant. Earlier this month accusation of Ms Lawson cocaine use by her ex-husband, Saatchi.

The case of Nigella unfolds a women who states she was trying to protect he family and defend for her husband by all means. While in court at the Isleworth Crown Court she addressed the court trail of her former assistant who deny fraud. While her behaviour in the pass with illegal substances was driven by her the abuse from her  “brutal” ex-husband; the telegraph perceives her behaviour to have been genuinely something that isn’t a common practice.

Miss Lawson, 53, said she first used cocaine when her first husband, John Diamond, was fighting cancer before his death from the disease in 2001.

The BBC showed compassion for Ms Lawson as a women who had built her self; creating a well known name in british households. While in the same retrospects scrutinising the facts brought forward Thursday 5th December 2013. These facts surrounded the information brought forward about her and former husbands relationship and that of the on going case of Elisabetta (left) and Francesca Grillo whom both deny fraud; after allegations of her former assistants, Elisabetta and Francesca Grillo, defrauding her and her former husband Charles Saatchi of £685,000 by making unauthorised personal purchases on household accounts.

“I have been put on trial here where I am called to answer, and glad to answer the allegations, and the world’s press, and it comes after a long summer of bullying and abuse,” she said. “I find it’s another chapter in that.” – Independent Thurs 5th 2013

Ms Lawson arrived at the west London courthouse on Wednesday dressed all in black, facing ranks of photographers and television crews from around the world. Responding to evidence from earlier in the hearing, she rejected as “absolutely ridiculous” the suggestion that she was a heavy drug user. “I have never been a drug addict. I’ve never been a habitual user. There are two times in my life when I have used cocaine,” she said.


She told jurors she was allowed to use it for personal spending, but only on instruction from Mr Saatchi or Ms Lawson for something specific for something like a birthday.

“It was always a specific gift, it was never open-ended, buy yourself a gift. It was specific.”

A list of payments made on Ms Wasserman’s staff credit card was read out in court. It included:

  • £2,250 to Shi Cashmere for cashmere jumpers for Ms Lawson from her former husband
  • £24,866 on flowers for the house
  • £10,564 on VIP Glastonbury Festival tickets for the couple’s children
  • £28,834 on ticket website Tickets to See
  • £2,240 at Ralph Lauren
  • £3,734 to Annabel’s private members club for Mr Saatchi’s red wine

Sisters Elisabetta and Francesca Grillo, former assistants to Nigella Lawson and Charles Saatchi

It was always a specific gift, it was never open-ended, buy yourself a gift. It was specific” – Anzelle Wasserman

‘Team Cupcake’

An email from the sisters, which begged Ms Lawson and Mr Saatchi for forgiveness, was read out in court.

In it, they said: “We are at our utmost despair and we are reaching out to you in the sincere hope that somewhere in your hearts you will find a way to forgive us and believe that we never meant in any way to be seem to be disloyal or to seem like we took advantage of our positions.We truly believe that we had a bond like a family.”

Truly this information brought forward contracts their earlier statement in which they stated that, all of the payments she made were on behalf of the couple’s children or had been explicitly authorised by Mr Saatchi or Ms Lawson. There changing story so can we only speculate that the women had been more the comfortable with the settlement they had made with the Mr Saatchi and Ms Lawson’s bank accounts, if the pair both was like wise unaware of there ‘big spenders’ is still yet to be known.

Ms Lawson is to return to court on Thursday to complete her evidence.

The case continues.

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