Train Robbery Legend: Ronnie Biggs Passes away at 84

After the train stopped in 1963, Ronnie Biggs dies at 84, the Notorious British criminal gained notoriety for being one of 12-member gang that ambushed a Royal Mail night train and made off with 2.6 million pounds ($4.2 million), equivalent to about 40 million pounds today. He was caught and jailed the next year.

The Robbery was so distinctive that it spawned myriad TV, film and documentary projects, most rcently his death came as the BBC, television dramas on Wednesday and Thursday debut based on the robbery from the view point of the gang’s and the police (the two view points split into two shows – named A Robber’s Tale and A Copper’s Tale, respectively).


Oscar-winner Jim Broadbent stars in A Copper’s Tale. Broadchurch writer Chris Chibnall wrote the twin movies for BBC One.

Broadbent stars alongside Robert Glenister (Hustle), Tom Chambers (Waterloo Road), Tim Pigott-Smith (The Hour),Tom Beard (Hunted), James Wilby (Titanic) and James Fox (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory).

James Strong, who teamed with Chibnall on United andBroadchurch, directs A Copper’s Tale, made by World Productions for BBC One.


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