EVENT: ZSL London Zoo Christmas Tree

Christmas is for everyone

ZSL London Zoo’s squirrel monkeys are having a very merry treat this year, with their own Christmas tree adorned with delicious decorations.

Zookeepers have stuffed the tree’s baubles with the monkeys’ favourite snack of silkworms and crickets – which the cheeky animals had to forage inside the hollowed decorations for.

Zookeeper Teague Stubbington said: “The squirrel monkeys are one of the liveliest and most playful animals here at ZSL London Zoo, and much like kids in the school holidays, we have to constantly find novel ways of keeping them entertained.

Squirrel monkey present1

Squirrel monkey 4

“Their cheeky nature means they love to explore new things and a Christmas tree – decorated with baubles stuffed with their favourite snacks – is something they’ve not seen before, so it’s great festive enrichment for them”.

ZSL London Zoo is open to visitors all year round except for Christmas Day, when zookeepers will be donning Santa hats with their wellies and treating the animals to festive meals and enrichment.

Squirrel monkey present2

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