Food Drunk’s King Cake Burger is Winning Mardi Gras

As of last week, Food Drunk’s king cake cheeseburger has officially reachednational stunt burger status, and here now, is more video evidence that people have been going nuts over the thing. Yes, it’s a brisket cheeseburger with a king cake bun, which means there is icing and sprinkles on it. Which means…DOES NOT COMPUTE…though the ill-fated cronut burger, donut sloppy joe, and other sweets ‘n meats atrocities have previously been fads elsewhere. Folks have been lining up pretty much nonstop for a taste, with the food trucking selling upward of 200 king cake burgers a day.

While this is no muffuletta king cake, it’s still rather grotesque, until you learn how owner PJ Haines came up with the burger: “We had a few cocktails and it sounded like a good idea.” Now it all makes perfect sense. Check out their Facebook page to track the king cake burger, and look for Food Drunk NOLA on the Uptown parade route around Lee Circle.



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