THE GIRLS FIRST OPEN DOORS on the first roller derby event of roller skating year; the theme was Malice through the Looking Glass!  The theme emulating the fantastic fantasy – Alice in Wonderland Themed! Tickets were on sale for £6 from Brown Paper Tickets and £8 on the door, tickets sold week before the event on Brown Paper Tickets and limited tickets could be bought at the door. This first open door premiered on 07/10/2013, front the start was sure to be a success. The atmosphere in the rink was a live with joy and tense in moments of silence further enhancing the adrenaline that was in the air.

Overall Scores for the Derby:

Cheshire Cats 134 – White Rabbits 142

Surrey Roller Girls 252 – Coventry City Derby Dolls 114

The awards for Surrey were as follows:

Just Jess – MVP
Hipwreck – Best Blocker
Kerosene – Best Jammer

Since then the SRG, competed in several more competition; most thrilling from the front seats was the match between SRG and  Crown Duels on 19/10/2013. No costumes this time, the girls came out in full uniform geared and ready for a fast race around the rink to victory for one triumphing team.

There was a lot of excitement in the rink and the derby started off to a great start the home team Surrey Rollergirls kept themselves composed to kept that early winning front. Crown Duels fighting with great tat tics to keep their chance of winning although defeated by the home team the two teams still came together for a congratulatory picture.


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