London Fashion Week: Mary Katrantzou

LFW (London Fashion Week) hosted the Mary Katrantzou’s SS14 collection. This summer Katrantzou was incorporating print and stylish bold neon dyes; the Queen of Prints brought the English gardens to the catwalk on fantastic dresses. The collection pictues the beauty of summer,from head to two the models seemed to portray walking through a bed of flowers. The print concept is repeated on the dress, jackets, tops and trousers. What I found most creative about Mary Katrantzou’s SS14 collection was the  fairy-tale gardens print on the dress’s which looked amazing. Jackets, tops and trousers printed with busts of  flower-bombs layered with printed gems, looking like a photograph craftily printed on clothing. The most astounding part of the day for me had to be seeing the 3-D print that contrasted this isolation for being bold and at the same time not embellishing the female silhouette to make the models seem fatter!.

The lovely chic prints by Mary Katrantzou gave this years London Fashion Show that wow factor, Looking to get the style from the catwalk? Look no further than the Street Style collection: Mary Katrantzou



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