Paris Fashion Week: Saint Laurent

The Luxurious brand Saint Laurent; stepped onto the 2014 Spring/Summer Paris Fashion Week with an abundance of dishevelled layers and seedily luxurious textures garments. Slimane’s shown that his focus is fixed firmly on the opposite of what Parisian fashion has become. The look has changed and the ideas Slimane presents on the catwalk drastically differ to what the company has produced in the last year, now using black leather, polka-dotted sheers, flowing skirts.

Definitely this biker-grunge-goth-prom collection is a unique neche for the fashion world. Which could be only identified as a ‘show stopper’ in the year of fashion. Slimane steps away from the predictable gorgeous, self-referring shapes and anachronistic elegance, and bring Saint Laurent’s much-battered blend of elegance and eroticism – taut black trouser suits weighted down with heavy neckpieces, and plunge necked, glittering black dresses. But, seductive though the idea is, I’m not sure whether that language is relevant anymore either. I think I might have liked it better when I was being disappointed more completely.


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