Allianz Arena: Bayern Munich Defeated at Home

Sergio_Ramos_2896259bToday  Champion League semi-final between Bayern Munich and Real Madrid at the Allianz Arena  (Tuesday Apr 29 2014, kick-off 19.45 BST) would be a game to remember. At the sound of whistle at 19.45 BST the game commenced with Madrid tactically gaining two goals; a double for Sergio Ramos. Bayern making many attempts through the game to edge themselves to a competing position with Madrid but all attempt failed due to the great defence game strategy brought by the captain Iker Casillas Fernández. The spanish football team captain directed his team to victory the position of goalkeeper, the player also captains both La Liga club Real Madrid and the Spanish national team.

The final result was BAYERN MUNICH 0 REAL MADRID 4 (0-5 on agg). Cristiano Ronaldo coming on in the last 45mins of the game to score once before times up and another in the extra minutes. Carlo Ancelotti‘s utilised their advantages over the hosts team, but definitely today the German soil was desecrated by it’s southern Spain visitors.

Tomorrow Chelsea played against Atlético Madrid kick-off 2:45pm EST 

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