Chelsea vs Atlético Madrid: A Close Match Indeed

The Game stated with José Mourinho throwing a curveball ahead of Chelsea’s Champions League semifinal into the second leg with Atlético Madrid. The team set up with six defenders in the starting lineup, while as usual we see the hot stepper David Luiz  up into midfield, he’s selected three full-backs – namely Ashley Cole, Branislav Ivanović and César Azpilicueta.

The 3-1 defeat on the night after the goalless first leg left Terry facing more Champions League heartbreak after missing a penalty shoot-out in the 2008 final and being suspended for their 2012 victory. For a long time the players fought for goals as the score was sat at 2-1 to Chelsea a few seconds later a penalty, which I’m happy people tell me was a penalty. And they scored to go 2-1 up.


Torres scores

Who will win the European Cup Final?

Atletico Madrid or the other Real Madrid

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