Bring Back Our Girls

As the grieving family escalates Lagos, Nigeria as the search for the estimated 230 girls who have gone missing.  Reports emerged earlier this week, in which a chief elder in Chibok claimed the girls may have been sold as brides to Boko Haram members for the equivalent of CDN $13 (2,000 Nigerian naira).

It was alleged that the attack was attained by Islamist group Boko Haram. The group detained the girls at night into trucks on April 16 in the town of Chibok; disappearing into the dense forest bordering Cameroon. The 230 girls attended high school in the nation’s far northeast.

As efforts seemed to be reducing in the fight to find the girls who have been taken from their school and homes, Ramaa Mosley (American commercial, music video and feature film director, and screenwriter, based in Los Angeles) through the social media site twitter heard of the tragedy in Lagos, Nigeria; and felt compelled to begin a campaign to further the awareness in the Nigeria cause.

Ramaa Mosley explains that the fact the news of the girls going missing didn’t take a significant precedence in the news curtailed her. Rama said ‘in the interview on BBC International’  she found it unbelievable that the news was not being perpetuated as if it was white british or american children whom had gone missing and thus hence her belief that is no one was going to shout about it she would. She initially told her friends about the situation in Africa and  then began the process of making connections with the people of Chibok. She ensemble her twitter protest to get the @rescueourgirl and  a trend on twitter.

Rama Moseley : on twitter i asked my friends to make their profile picture one of the girls that had gone missing as to alert others; and also to help in the search ‘in the interview on BBC International’

Facebook page began as success spread and more people were rallying for the cause, there now needed to be a united social networking connection so that people to communicate and campaign for fight to find these girls. The page has a petition asking:

“Please do everything in your power to compel the senate and White House to rescue the 230 school girls who have been kidnapped by terrorists. The Nigerian government has not effectively solved this problem and 10 days have passed and all the girls are still missing. I believe it is morally and ethically crucial that the US take immediate action.  Sincerely, “

There are several different petitions in which people can sign there names to support the appeal to; WHITE HOUSE, President of the United States, US SENATE, CANADA, BRITAIN/UK and ENDS (Every Nigerian Do Something. The Facebook has progressed further than Rama could ever have planned since its creation on 26/04/2014.

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Bring Back Our Girls page was started by Ramaa Mosley to create awareness about the 230 school girls who were kidnapped from their dorm rooms by terrorists on April 16th. Our main page for news is – follow for updates. We also have a UK, Canada, South Africa, Australia, DK (Germany, France page.




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