LA clippers Needs A New Owner

L.A Clipper is like a lost dog; while it’s old owner sorts out his life the question hangs over who will take over this all important team for the state of Los Angeles. Since Donald  Sterlings life ban from the NBA, there has been a dozen potential owners line up to take his place. Now this historical inept franchise in US sport shines like a beacon of wealth and fame to moguls, athletes and entertainers as their next step on the stones of life. Although some of these well-known figures seem more serious about it than others some  of the favourites to gain the position; Oprah Winefry, David Geffen, Larry Ellison and Magic  Johnson (controversial or not).

The question is will Donald sterling sell as the NBA board has not been in any force to get a decision from Sterling on the fait of the team, so close to the NBA championships the team is playing great and it’d be a sad story is they are split up.


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