NEWS: UKIP’s William Henwood and co. makes abrupt statements

THE TONGUE has many uses but how we use it must be thought through in order not to cause offence unless intential (which still has premeditated though process…I would say), the question for UKIP  “Where is the Queen’s Scottish residence?” for if they cans answer the message behind the answer would contradict the befalling statement by UKIP representatives:

  • Lenny Henry to “go back to a black country”
  • he didn’t believe rape could take place in a marriage
  • Islam is some what like the third reich

It has to be questioned where the motive for saying this comes from. The week a UKIP candidate was exposed for referring to Muslims as “scum”, but as his father later explained to journalists, his son wasn’t a racist because he enjoys a curry. Is that conclusive evidence to state that his language was derogative and be it offensive language; for it is debatable that one could work with a  person they do not like repetitively refer to them by derogative term as to be dismissive of said person which still constitutes to them having some essence of hate towards the person.

It is clear UKIP so close to the launch of their European election campaign two weeks ago, is beginning to show the cracks in the parties social agenda which they may find hard to prove the ‘colourful’ statements on race, Islam, immigration, women and homophobia excusable.

On Tuesday 22nd April a UKIP candidate called for Lenny Henry to “go back to a black country. William Henwood resigned from the party a short while later. Two other members of the party were suspended following more ‘colourful’ comments.The fact that the comedian Lenny Henry is a British man born in Dudley, close to Birmingham.

On Wednesday 23rd April, UKIP financier and Greek shipping tycoon, Demetri Marchessini said he didn’t believe rape could take place in a marriage because when “a woman accepts, she accepts.” He also said gay people couldn’t be in a loving relationship, as they are sexual predators incapable of fidelity.

It would seem from the latest statements from the UKIP party the European election will be somewhat of struggle as their views collied with many of the constitutions and social part taking. Keeping in mind that UKIP seems to be gaining considerable popularity, it is useful to know what they secretly think we all think.


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