Sam Lord’s Castle Still a sight to be seen

For many in the area Sam Lord’s Castle may be a legacy but one that haunts the cost of  Staint Philips Parish. It was a beautiful Georgian mansion built in 1820 by the notorious buccaneer Samuel Hall Lord, known as ‘Sam Lord’. The property was run as an exquisite hotel for many years but unfortunately it was consumed by fire in 2010 and is currently closed. In the last four years long legal processes have under gone to eventually bring the people who invested, visited and worked in and around the castle some hope and the ritzy may return.

Nevertheless the beach at Sam Lord’s Castles still remains as beautiful as ever the sea calm during low tied great for ‘jeune’ swimmer, the water a clean blue salty to clean the body of intoxicants and the sand made of fine seal shell granules perfect for exfoliating the skin. A romantic destination secluded one that is perfect for picnics and just relaxing.

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