My 8 Got to have Mobile Apps

1:00 PM

Whats new in my wardrobe?

Mallzee – Personal Fashion Shopping

To be honest this is a new app to my chiffonier; after Jessica Kennedy from Mallzee, spotted our blog on the IFB blog page. After downloading the app, the one aspect that really caught my eye is that you can converse with your Facebook friend on items found on the Mallzee application easily before purchasing which for me is like shopping on my phone with my personal shopper in over 20 shops all at once and I love it. That’s why at No. 4 it’s Mallzee.

There are other application similar to Mallzee but I find they get thrown out of the Chiffonier as quickly as it takes for them to download simply because it’s either one particular outlets app i.e. boohoo which would require me to download every shops app to be able to shop around or it does not provide a wide enough variety for the filter I set up. While with Mallzee I don’t have this problem; however this app is still very new, when you download it be sure to spread it around your friend to gain all it’s adroitness.


Category: Lifestyle

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