My 8 Got to have Mobile Apps

8PM – Late Enough

Play thats funky music… who sang that again?


“Rejoice Britannia rule the waves; Britons never will be slaves.” by James Thomson so I didn’t Shazam this one but it’s so easy to do you hear a beat in the Mall Shazam and I use this as an example as I found my Mall can get pretty loud but no screeching baby stops the detective Shazam from finding that tune, giving me a new song to download to my iPod. Unfortunately for my iPod I had when getting Shazam has been made redundant as it couldn’t keep up with the constant downloading; 8GB just wasn’t big enough ‘you know what I mean’. So Tuned to No.7 of my list of Got to have mobile apps is Shazam.



Category: Music

NEXT APP: I can’t quite  see it, find it, love it?


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