My 8 Got to have Mobile Apps

No time like the present

see it, find it, love it


My Gold mind, looking for something and you just can’t put it into word, only you had an image to express yourself. That’s Pinterest for me, I use it soo much I could say it’s the world picture next to encyclopaedia – google. Pinterest may have been this hidden secret , that i came across when using WeHeartIt for about 5 months I was unable to create a Pinterest until I got my Golden ticket in, shocked by the similarities I found that it had with tumblr, we heart it and polyvore I began to form my sets and there it was it’s difference this wasn’t an unorganised collection of images all brought together under one web browser this was a growing media thesaurus that linked millions of people and there favourite things together; one could say you could form a room in your house, plan a wedding reception or even a garden party just by searching through the Pinterest data base. Each image calibrating information location, time, website, colour, taste, name of artist and more ensuring the next user could link the image back to where  it was Pined from. Finally No.8 I Pin it.

Category: Social Networking


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