Pucker up

May 14, Kate Moss unveiled her  new collection for Rimmel London including her first eye products. The Lasting Finish Matte By Kate Moss available in 5 shades. First crush on Kate Moss Rimmel Collection as my 107 shade in the last Finish Matte; It has a pleasurable sent which is significantly different from other lipsticks I had purchased before. As to the brand itself, the product for fills it’s in name as the colour stays on your lips for up to 6-8 hours (depending if i bite my lip a lot). Temptation to lip and reapply was minimal so this further added to the with standing of the lips stick which lead me to purchase shade 110.

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“Fabulous for your lips an instant hit”; 19 shades and a satisfying remanence of softer feeling lips after lipstick had faded. Moisture Renew Lipstick was a hesitant purchase as I had already succumb to the Lasting Finish Matte of the variety of lip wear. I finally gave into my urge as I began the hunt for a nude lipstick to compliment my skin. I had looked around and found the perfect colour in the Kate Moss Rimmel collection ‘saved by the bell’.

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Woppin Watermelon; Clique gift in the August addition of Glamour Magazine. Although moisturising I don’t feel this lipstick is the best for me. A simple apply and compact size which makes it an idea addition to the clutch when going out not he town.

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